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Draymond shares what he thinks of the league calling it 'soft' after a bodyguard stormed on the court

Durant vs Tucker

In last night's game between the Bucks and Nets, one peculiar thing happened during a scuffle between PJ Tucker and Kevin Durant. After they started jawing in each other's face, a security guard ran into the court and pushed Tucker to the side. It was a pretty strange situation because the security guards usually don't interfere when players get into it, but this time it did.

Draymond Green also noticed how unusual that situation was and commented how the league is weak if that happens in the playoffs. That is actually a good comment because it really makes no sense that someone other than the refs or their teammates gets involved when two guys start going at each other, just like Tucker and Durant did.

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Interestingly enough, it was later found out that the security guard that stormed to the court is actually Durant's personal bodyguard. On top of that, he is on the Brooklyn Nets payroll, and I suppose he is taking his job of protecting Kevin Durant at all costs very seriously.

It's unclear whether Draymond knew that was Durant's bodyguard or not; it adds to the point he made about the league being soft. That guy had no right storming on the court like that even though he is officially a Nets employee.

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