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Draymond Green shares who is the best trash-talker in the NBA besides him

Draymond Green, who is known for his trash-talking, named a player other than himself as the best trash talker in the NBA today.
LeBron James and Draymond Green exchange a few words in-game

LeBron James and Draymond Green exchange a few words in-game

Trash-talking has always been and will always be an essential part of sports, especially in the NBA. The competitive nature of players often brings fire, as particular guys spice the battle on the court with words. It brings a whole new dimension to the game and an exciting edge that fans love to see. 

Unfortunately, we see less and less of it in the modern NBA because the league punishes that kind of behavior in order to keep the game clean. But still, we have some guys that bring that old-school trash talk to the game. The number one guy that comes to everyone's mind is Draymond Green, but according to the Warriors forward himself, one guy that is right up there with him.

You can't guard me!

We all know about Draymond Green. Far from the most skilled or talented player, Green made his name in the NBA by fitting perfectly into the Warriors system, playing the role of a glue guy that connects everyone and does the dirty work. A big part of Draymond's game is his verbal prowess, from communicating with his teammates to putting fear into his opponents.

The psychical defensive play is a staple of Draymond's game, and that often brings him into heated matchups that result in a lot of chirping and talking. Draymond has mastered the art of trash-talking and established himself as the number one guy in that category. I mean, just remember him roasting the legendary Paul Pierce.

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The Biggest Trash-talker in the NBA

Recently Draymond shared who he thinks is the best trash talker in the NBA today aside from himself obviously, and Green surprisingly shared a name not many would assume at first:

"KD. I've always told people, KD's one of the biggest trash talkers to me since I came into the league. And it would be some disrespectful stuff like, "Ay, who is this?" KD would turn the dude around like trying to look at the back of his jersey like to see his name on the back. Like K would say stuff to people, and you're like, "Yo you Kevin Durant, there's not really much I can say back." And KD got these one-liners like, "Oh, he drunk at the bar." K will hit somebody with a cross and "Ay, he drunk at the bar." If I'm not going with myself, I will have to say KD for sure."

Draymond Green, The Volume

Although at first glance, Kevin Durant doesn't seem like a tough guy because of his build and nice nature, he does have that fire in him. The competitiveness brings out the bad side of Durant, whose reputation in the second part of his career has totally switched. Aside from talking back to fans on Twitter, Durant likes to spice it up on the court and respond to everyone, no matter if it's an opponent or a fan. 

What Durant has going for him is that he is one of the best players in the game and virtually unstoppable, as a lot of players won't have the courage to talk smack to KD. Nobody wants to get torched even more than usual. Of course, aside from Draymond Green. One of the rare players that don't shy away from the smoke. Not even from KD. No matter if they are playing together or against each other.

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