Ugly scenes during Sixers’ post practice reveal Ben Simmons’ true feelings

Ugly scenes during Sixers’ post practice reveal Ben Simmons’ true feelings

Ben Simmons is back with the Philadelphia 76ers, but things are not going as smoothly as presented to the media. 

Ben Simmons not participating in team huddles

Practices are simulations of real games. It’s where players and coaches run plays, devise strategies, and build chemistry. There’s a saying in sports that “What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room” however, a leaked video revealed Simmons’ true feelings on the situation. 

If Ben had a choice, he would have preferred to be somewhere else. However, to avoid sanctions and missing out on paychecks, the wantaway forward appeared to join the team even without prior communication.

By now, the whole world knows that Simmons doesn’t want to play for the Sixers again. But with cameras and CCTVs in practice, he could have pretended to care. Simmons signed the massive deal to play for Philadephia for several years. While the hate and bashing of fans are borderline uncalled for, Ben cannot say he never saw it coming.

The Sixers are doing their best to normalize the situation

Coach Doc Rivers and several teammates tried to paint a different scenario to the media. Tobias Harris claimed the players in the locker room are grown men. You can tell at least the team is trying to move forward, be professional about it, and go along with their plans and preparations for the season. Simmons showing up and participating in games and practices is only a smokescreen to say the situation has been settled. 

Right now, the left-handed forward has no choice but to stay with the team. Simmons does not have to be close to everyone, but at least he can pretend to care. The Sixers made him a star and millionaire, and he’s the only one to blame for the unwanted commentary from the fans and critics. Simmons did not improve his shooting despite having played for several years in the NBA, and he isn’t showing the willingness to learn and expand his game. If Simmons keeps acting this way in practice, fans should worry about how he behaves during actual games — if he actually ends up wearing a Sixers uniform again.