Udonis Haslem shares a crazy story when he got into a fight with Gary Payton

Udonis Haslem shares a crazy story when he got into a fight with Gary Payton

In a recent interview for the GQ magazine, Udonis Haslem talked about his illustrious NBA career alongside some things from his private life. One of the most exciting things he shared was the most memorable fights he witnessed in his 19-year-long career that he either participated in or saw other players get into with each other.

Worst Fight He Witnessed In The NBA

Udonis Haslem is entering his 19th NBA season, and even though he is already 41 years old, he still expressed the desire to spend one more season with the Miami Heat. He is one of the rare players in the NBA that remained his entire career with one team, which definitely makes him a unicorn in today’s NBA.

Being an enforcer and a defensive stopper was Haslem’s primary role on all of those Heat squads. That usually entails being physical and getting in confrontations with other players every now or then. In the interview, Haslem talked about two specific fights he remembers from his career. The first one included him and none other than the ultimate trash talker Gary Payton. Haslem and Payton got into it, which resulted in Pat Riley kicking both of them out of practice.

Worst fight? Me and Gary Payton got into it at practice once. I don’t know what we were talking about, but shit went left. We started arguing, and Gary went and got a broomstick! Pat [Riley] kicked us outta practice. We had a game that night, and me and Gary didn’t speak the whole game. He was finna hit me wit’ a broomstick!

Udonis Haslem, via GQ Magazine

The Best Fight He Saw In The NBA

The other fight he remembers wasn’t one he was involved in, but he actually served as a peacemaker in a situation where Shaquille O’Neal went after Pat Riley. Things got heated among the two, and even though Riley was much older than Shaq, he didn’t care about standing up to Shaq and wanting to fight him. Riley is known around the NBA as a legitimate tough guy that doesn’t tolerate anybody getting into this face, even if it’s a 7’1″, 350 pound giant like Shaq.

Best fight? Probably the one when Shaq and Pat got into it. It wasn’t even a fight, they were just going at it. The fight was me trying to hold Shaq back, and he threw me like a sack of potato chips… I’m trying to save Pat’s old ass, and Shaq grabbed me and swung me. He threw me down like that, and I was just trying to stop him. Imagine if he really wanted a piece of me? I would’ve had to tase him!

Udonis Haslem, via GQ Magazine

Udonis Haslem went through a lot with the Miami Heat. He’s been through the hard times, the good times, and he never complained about his status with the team. He built a strong relationship with Pat Riley, who recognized his leadership potential and willingness to put the team first and mentor the younger guys on the team. Haslem signed a one-year deal this summer and hoped to grab one more championship with the Heat, further solidifying his NBA legacy.