Ty Lue compares Michael Jordan and LeBron James as leaders

Ty Lue compares Michael Jordan and LeBron James as leaders

There have been numerous GOAT conversations in our time, not just in basketball but in any sport. However, only one guy is standing at the top of the pantheon in the basketball world, his Airness Michael Jordan. Jordan was and still is a starting point of every drawn comparison. The thing is similar to his playing career – if you want to win, you have to go through MJ.

In the last few years, especially after Lebron James‘ latest title with the Lakers, more and more people are debating whether Jordan’s throne is in jeopardy.

Ty Lue is familiar with both MJ’s and LBJ’s strengths and weaknesses. He played with Jordan in his Washington Wizards days, and he coached LeBron in Cleveland. Recently Lue chimed in on that dispute, and the Clippers coach chose a very diplomatic approach to this subject.

“They’re the same. They both wanted to win and would do anything it took to win. I thought they did a great job; both of those guys did a great job of galvanizing the team and bringing everyone together, making everyone feel a part of it. You would think when you are dealing with guys that are sometimes bigger than the game, you would think that they would kind of just stay to themselves and do their own thing, but they were very great at just bringing everybody in and making everybody feel a part of it.”

Tyronne Lue

A large part of what Lue is talking about MJ we could see in The Last Dance, a documentary that portrayed Jordan’s drive to become the best. LeBron, on the other hand, isn’t perceived as ruthless as Jordan. His winning habits started in Miami, and he hasn’t stopped since. So maybe it would be wiser to let him finish his playing career and then settle the debate.

Some people will never put anyone in the same sentence as MJ, but that doesn’t mean LBJ doesn’t deserve recognition. If he wins another ring before retiring, that will pump up his resume. How far will he go until he decides to quit, and will that be enough to dethrone Jordan remains to be seen.