Trae Young cancels more than $1 million of medical debt in Atlanta

Trae Young has partnered with RIP Medical Debt to relieve more than a million dollars in due medical debts for people in Atlanta who cannot afford to pay them.

After MJ building a clinic to provide care to underprivileged members of the Charlotte community, Kawhi and the Clippers give away a million backpacks to kids in a low-income family, are homeless, or are in the foster program, the young stars are following the lead. 

RIP Medical is a nonprofit that started in 2014 by two former debt collectors that use donated funds to purchase portfolios of bundled medical debt on the secondary debt market for pennies on the dollar. They buy accounts of those most in need and write off the entire debt. Five hundred seventy families got the best possible holiday gift from the Hawks star.

Trae donated $10.000 through his foundation, and that helped to erase $1,059,186.39 of medical debt. It truly is pennies on the dollar if a $10.000 donation could clear out so much debt. If you want to help out, visit their website at RIP Medical. The smallest donation can make a real difference.

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