Trae Young calls out 2K for his rating….again

Trae Young calls out 2K for his rating….again

It’s becoming a tradition – every year when 2K publishes player ratings, everyone rushes to Twitter to complain about someone’s numbers. As far as NBA 2K22 is concerned, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are all tied in player ratings, forming the top of the NBA world.  

KD, LeBron react on ratings

Durant or LeBron have always been at the top of player ratings. Last year, Giannis Antetokounmpo shared the throne with The King, and both had a 97 rating while Kawhi Leonard and James Harden had 96. KD and Curry received a 95 (which was almost criminal based on how they performed last season.) The eventual MVP Nikola Jokić was only good for a 90 rating.

It’s not uncommon for Kevin Durant to react to things on social media, but given his season in Brooklyn and Tokyo, he’s not out of line here.

Fans begin to think it was just a marketing ploy to get attention and everyone talking on social media. But is Durant’s self-assessed 99 rating justified? He almost single-handedly carried the Brooklyn Nets to the promised land, and he was instrumental in helping Team USA clinch the gold in the Olympics. LeBron James also voiced his opinion and vouched for rival Curry to get 99.

Here are some of the injustices of NBA 2K22: Rising star Trae Young got an 89, and Zion Williamson took over Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon as the game’s best-rated dunker. Ronnie 2K, who was answering questions on behalf of the company, insisted that if players performed well during the season, it would reflect on ratings of the next video game released. Trae Young was not impressed.

Highest rated players ever

If the brilliance of KD is not enough to reach 99, you must be wondering, are there players who reached this level in the history of NBA 2K? You’d be surprised to see the list is long, but only one player ever had 100.

Shaquille O’Neal was the only player to get 100 player rating, and it was on NBA 2K2. Kevin Garnett had two editions where he reached 99 while Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, and LeBron James rated 99 in more than one version of NBA 2K. 

Expect this to add more fuel to Kevin Durant’s fire next year. Even Giannis, the Finals MVP, could only make it up to 96. One would have to imagine what kind of performances these players need to achieve to reach a 99 or a 100. Let’s hope we see a few this season.