Tracy McGrady thinks there is too much fraternizing in the NBA today

The NBA media has been following the exchange between Giannis and Harden for the last couple of days. It’s been one of the main headlines because of the mini-rivalry these players and teams have between themselves. Honestly, this something the league is missing to a certain degree, and it’s something that ads another level of excitement to the game.

During their recent guest appearance on ESPN’s show The Jump, Paul Pierce and Tracy McGrady think that type of rivalry is good for the NBA. McGrady said there is too much fraternizing in the league already, which transmits on the intensity in the games. A lot of fans have noticed a similar thing and especially ones that have been following the NBA for decades.

“I love it. There’s too much fraternizing going on in today’s game, so I love that these boys are jarring at each other. They got a game coming up soon, and I can’t wait to see that matchup. I love that they are going back and forth at each other.”

Pierce noticed James Harden is different this season than he ever was before in terms of his dedication to be the best player in the league while leading the Rockets to the finals.

“James took that personally even though Giannis looked like he was joking. James is not joking right now, and he is on a quest for a title, and he is on a quest for some respect in this league, being that he is a one-time MVP, three-time runner up, and it’s business for him. You can see that in this conversation.”

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