Tracy McGrady thinks it’s “dissrespectful” that Luka Doncic received more All-Star votes than Stephen Curry

Tracy McGrady thinks it’s “dissrespectful” that Luka Doncic received more All-Star votes than Stephen Curry

Voting for the NBA All-Star game is in full swing and more and more fans are deciding to vote. What is unusual about the voting so far is that a phenomenal rookie by the name of Luka Doncic is currently second only behind LeBron James. Names like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and many others are currently behind Luka in votes received by the fans.

It’s pretty impressive when you actually think about how a 19-year-old rookie is having more votes than some other superstars in the league who have been playing for several years now.

Tracy McGrady made it really clear that he doesn’t agree with the fans giving more votes to Doncic. On the ESPN’s show The Jump, former All-Star expressed concern and said it’s disrespectful that Doncic received more votes than Stephen Curry.

This is so disrespectful on all levels of voting. Come on, not only are they disrespecting the guy who changed this era of basketball Steph Curry with Doncic having more votes than Stephen Curry.

At the moment, Doncic also has more votes than James Harden who is at the moment the main MVP candidate having a truly historic season. McGrady believes both Harden and Durant are not fan-favorites which is the main reason why Luka received more votes.

Kevin Durant and James Harden. Are you kidding me? I’m not saying that Doncic shouldn’t be an All-Star, he should be an All-Star but to be ahead of these two guys is insane. But I understand they are not fan-favorites.

Luka Doncic is definitely having an All-Star caliber season and he literally took the league by storm in only 3 months. Harden and Durant, on the other hand, have phenomenal seasons but are definitely not likable among fans because of different reasons.

Fans will say Harden flops too much and is on the free-throw line too often while Durant has lost a lot of affection from the fans as soon as he left OKC to join the Warriors who were already a powerhouse in the West.