Tracy McGrady Reminisces Playing Mind Games In The NBA

Tracy McGrady Reminisces Playing Mind Games In The NBA

Trash talking is always a hot and fun topic to talk about in the NBA, and on ESPN’s “The Jump,” Embiid’s trash-talking antics sparked a trip down memory lane.

One of the hosts, former NBA star Tracy McGrady was praising Embiid for bringing that energy in today’s game and not fearing going up against anybody. No matter if it’s James Harden or Russell Westbrook, Embiid will tell them the truth challenge them because it is all fun for him, as he wants them to respond.

Tracy compared him to the likes of some iconic trash talkers like Kevin Garnett, Gary Payton, and Reggie Miller. But he also had a story of his own:

I was playing against a team. One of the guys was talking trash to me. We were going at it. And he was sitting on the bench, so I made it a point to go and stand in front of the bench.I’m not gonna say the player, but we were going at it, and I said, “Bro, look around on your own team. They’re wearing T-Macs. That’s how I got in his head. I dropped the mic on that one.”

An exciting story, as Tracy demonstrated a pretty smart and creative way to get in the opponent’s head.”T-Mac” obviously knew what he was doing because he is remembered as one of the best scores we have ever seen. The early 2000s were indeed a different era of NBA basketball.