June 14th, 2019 is from now on an unofficial (for now) holiday in Toronto, Ontario. The Raptors have won the NBA championship in the last game in Oracle Arena. With a final score of 114- 110, they beat a dynasty 4 – 2.

The game was as dramatic as the entire series was. Neither team was able to pull away, and then at the end of the 3rd quarter, Klay Thompson went down. This swung the momentum, but even then, the Raptors didn’t manage to pull away.

If we’d be giving out a Game 6 MVP, it would be a unanimous vote for Fred Van Vleet. He was assigned to chase Curry all night long and then he showed up big in the 4th quarter. Out of his 22 in the game, Van Vleet scored 12 in the 4th.

“That’s what I do. Kawhi can’t make all the shots.”

That’s the second date everyone in Toronto will celebrate. July 18th, 2018. That was the day when Masai Ujiri pulled the trigger and traded DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard.

The Klaw had one of the most impressive playoffs runs in NBA history, the superstar the Raptors needed to get over the hump. Kawhi averaged 28.2 points and played tremendous defense against the Warriors.

His run was made official when Bill Russell handed him the Finals MVP award. He is the third player in NBA history to win Finals MVP with two different teams, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabarr (Bucks and Lakers) and LeBron James (Heat and Cavaliers).

Canada won’t sleep tonight.