Tim Hardaway Sr. argues who has the best handles in the NBA right now

Tim Hardaway Sr. argues who has the best handles in the NBA right now

There are many exceptional ball handlers in the league right now. Before there was a stereotype going around that only guards have the necessary skill set to be great at handling the rock, however in recent times that has changed and now you can see big forwards who are able to shake their defenders out of their shoes with a crossover or a hesitation move.

One of the original creators of the crossover move, Tim Hardaway known as a vicious offensive force capable of scoring 20 points and dropping 10 assists per game,  introduced the fans to a move that is still very much popular in the league now.

During the course of the last 25 years, the crossover move evolved in its own right, and players have become better ballhandlers even though according to Hardaway a lot of them carry the ball and don’t have proper technique.

In a recent interview, Hardaway was asked who is the player in today’s NBA he would pick as the best ball handler and his response might sound as a surprise but it’s Kemba Walker. Kemba is having another spectacular season for the Hornets who are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive.

One of the things that impress Hardaway most about Kemba’s ball handling is his ability to actually use a crossover move to get free and get to the basket, while a lot of players would exaggerate with those moves and lose the momentum they eventually had when they shook their defender in the first place.

If I had to pick somebody right now it, I’d pick Kemba Walker. He’s got a hande like I got a handle. He doesn’t exaggerate it either. When I say he doesn’t exaggerate it, what I mean is he doesn’t shake somebody and try re-shake them- he just goes right by you. He’s going to do one move and go right by you. That’s the way I was taught. Do one move that shakes the guy and then go make a play at the basket. When you start doing too many moves on one particular play, on one particular possession, you’re exerting yourself too much. It’s unnecessary. Just take care of business right then and there. Shake the guy and take it to the basket. That’s what Kemba does.