Tim Grover shares what goals Kobe Bryant wanted to achieve after his basketball career

Tim Grover shares what goals Kobe Bryant wanted to achieve after his basketball career

When you talk about some of the most recognizable and best names in the world of basketball trainers, Tim Grover is at the very top of that list. Grover is most famously known for being the personal trainer of some of the best players ever, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Working with Kobe, a great known for his unparallel work ethic and competitive spirit, helped the two connect on a deeper level and build a good relationship.

Grover talked with NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast “The Woj Pod” and shared some very interesting and insightful stories from working with MJ and Kobe. One topic especially caught my eye, as Grover talked about Kobe’s goals after his basketball career, showing another example of how Kobe’s ambition stayed the same even after his playing days:

“That ‘mamba mentality,’ it may have stopped on the basketball court but it didn’t stop from a competitor standpoint. To me, Kobe had two goals that he set out. One, was for his daughter to be the first female in the NBA. Not the WNBA, the NBA. That’s what he was training her for. The second, he goes, ‘I own L.A. on the basketball court. I owned that territory for a while, so now I just want to own L.A., whether it’s in Hollywood, whether it’s from my entrepreneurship, I want to own L.A.”

Tim Grover, via The Woj Pod

Kobe’s daughter Gianna was as much of a basketball fanatic as her father. Being mentored and trained by Kobe made her a potential star of women’s basketball in the making. But Kobe, in his style, had even higher aspirations for his daughter. He wanted Gigi to write history and make it to the NBA. The idea sound really crazy, but knowing Kobe, everything was possible. It is a sad tragedy we have been stripped of seeing that goal and relationship between a father and a daughter never reach its destination. To add to that, he wanted to expand his success on the business and Hollywood side, as winning an Oscar for his animated short film Dear Basketball sparked another ambition in his life.

Kobe is set to be inducted into the Hall-of-Fame tonight, as it will be an emotional night. The event has motivated people to reminisce Kobe stories on and off the court, as the whole basketball world will celebrate the legacy of a legend once again.