Tim Grover shares an anecdote that showcased Charles Barkley’s incredible athleticism

Tim Grover shares an anecdote that showcased Charles Barkley’s incredible athleticism

The majority of younger NBA fans never saw Charles Barkley play when he was one of the best and most dominant players back in the day. Standing at around 6’5″ and weighing at about 250 pounds, Barkley was incredibly athletic and explosive and moved around the court faster than many guards. He didn’t look like a typical basketball player at first glance, but he was incredibly effective and could use his body to create space and soar above everyone in the post. If you haven’t already, check out some of his highlight reels online to see what made him at one point the best player in the NBA behind Michael Jordan.

One person that was able to witness Barkley’s incredible strength and athleticism first hand was Tim Grover. He worked as a personal trainer for Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and worked out with Barkley at the end of his career when injuries caught up with him. In his book Relentless, Grover explains how he witnessed Barkley’s incredible athleticism while still recovering from a knee injury.

Barkley’s foot was in an immobilizer, but that didn’t stop him from dunking the ball ten times in a row, which completely shocked Grover, who never saw something like that before. Grover’s advice to Barkley was to wait until he fully recovers because he came off a severe injury, but Barkley instead showed something Grover remembers still to this day. He proceeded to dunk the ball ten times in a row, jumping off his healthy foot, showcasing incredible athleticism.

The great Charles Barkley, probably the most athletically gifted individual I’ve ever seen, and a cleaner in every way. Charles was working with me after knee surgery, and he was not happy when I said he and his post-surgical torn patella had to stay off the court as long as he was in an immobilizer. He looked at me with that death stare and demanded a ball. Then he stood under the basket and dunked ten times off the healthy foot. Dunked. Ten times. One foot. The boot never touched the ground. With cleaners, there’s no off switch. They’re always on.

Tim Grover, via Relentless