TIM GROVER EXPLAINS HOW MICHAEL JORDAN AND KOBE BRYANT strived to be icons outside the game of basketball

TIM GROVER EXPLAINS HOW MICHAEL JORDAN AND KOBE BRYANT strived to be icons outside the game of basketball

There were countless comparisons between Michael Jordan and the late great Kobe Bryant among the fans and NBA analysts. If you belong to a younger generation of NBA fans, you could definitely say Kobe was the Michael Jordan of the newer generation and rightfully so. Their playing style was similar, and Kobe was never afraid to admit he stole most of the moves he saw Jordan did during games. You couldn’t even blame him for that because Kobe was preparing to be the next best two-guard in the NBA, and there is no better player to observe and study then Jordan.

In a recent interview for the ‘Legends of Sports’ Podcast, athletic trainer Tim Grover who worked with both Kobe and Jordan during his career talks about the main similarities these two legends shared. In Grover’s opinion, Jordan and Kobe were different from other NBA players because they saw the bigger picture. They worked hard to become the best basketball players they could but, on the other hand, had the idea of what they want to achieve when their basketball careers were over.

The one thing Michael and Kobe never strived to be was legends because they knew they were on another level. They strived to be icons. Not only in their sporting careers, but in other things they did afterward. The best quote Kobe ever made was ‘if I’m only known as being a great basketball player, I didn’t fulfill my job as an individual on this earth.”

Tim Grover, via Legends of Sports

Jordan made several smart business decisions after his basketball career was over, and is still the wealthiest athlete in the world. His most lucrative deals are with the Jordan Brand and the fact he owns an NBA franchise, but his business portfolio is much larger than that. Kobe’s mindset after he retired was similar, and in a short period won an Oscar for his animated movie, and invested in several successful businesses. Both Kobe and Jordan applied everything they learned during their NBA careers on their ventures afterward, and it paid off immensely.