Three potential trade destinations for Kyrie Irving

Three potential trade destinations for Kyrie Irving

The Kyrie Irving situation is not getting any better, and the Brooklyn Nets recently announced he would no longer play or practice with the team. That move is a subtle but powerful sign that the Nets management gave up on Irving and will no longer tolerate his decision not to get vaccinated and therefore jeopardize the team’s success in the new season. 

According to SBD, with the recent announcement of Kyrie Irving’s not playing any games for the Nets this season, their odds have taken a slight fade to +230, which remains a great price for a team standing as the main favorite to win the championship. If you are interested in betting on the NBA, here is a guide by Sports Betting Dime if you feel like investing with the opening lines. 

His future as an NBA player is also questionable, and it will be interesting to see what the moves the Nets will make regarding Kyrie, even though making a trade for him is the most reasonable thing to do. Other NBA teams might not seem so willing to make a trade for Kyrie because of his behavior and the fact he didn’t seem to fit in for any team he played for, ever since his Cavs days. Nevertheless, teams in the NBA are always willing to take the gamble, and landing Kyrie might seem like a reasonable explanation. 

We’ve highlighted three teams that would make sense for Kyrie and his future in the NBA if he decides to play in the future.

Philadelphia 76ers

Trading Ben Simmons for Kyrie seems like the obvious choice even though, at first, nobody thinks this should happen. Both Kyrie and Simmons are in the same type of situation with their future in the NBA being jeopardized; however, it makes sense for both teams from just a pure basketball perspective when you actually look at this trade. Simmons would fit well with the Nets, providing them that extra defensive presence with his versatility, and if he improves his shooting, it can be a win-win situation for the Nets. On the other hand, Irving would be a great fit with Joel Embiid since it’s proven Embiid can work really well with a guard that can create and make shots. They could create a dynamic duo that would make some noise in the eastern conference. Their contracts are also very similar, which is another case for making this trade happen.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs need to revamp their team, and now that the Gregg Popovich time is coming to an end, the Spurs would appreciate someone to lead their young team. Even though many fans lost their trust in Kyrie, there is no question his experience and knowledge would help the Spurs in the future. They also have a group of players that they could send the Nets way, like Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker III, and there is no question the Nets would accept almost anything to get rid of Kyrie. Spending some time with Popovich might help Kyrie find his peace to focus on basketball because, if anything, Pop is a coach who knows how to reach his players and get the maximum out of them.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets are also in a rebuilding phase, and having John Wall on the books doesn’t help, especially because of his hefty $40 million contract. It’s already noted that there is no desire for Wall to stay with the Rockets, and the Rockets have no intention of keeping him. Both parties agreed to find a suitable trade with the Rockets looking to find a suitor, and the Nets might be a great option. Kyrie could fit really well with the young Rockets squad, while Wall can provide that stability on the point guard position for the Nets. It might be the best trade option for both teams, and luckily for Kyrie, Texas is much more relaxed regarding vaccine mandates than New York or California.  

The next few days will be interesting to observe and see what will happen with Kyrie and whether the Nets actually explore the opportunity to trade him and get some assets in return. Their options for trade are limited because most teams don’t want to gamble on Kyrie, but we believe the teams mentioned above might benefit from getting him on their squad and take a leap of faith with Kyrie.