This was worse than cheering KD’s injury

This was worse than cheering KD’s injury

One of the most epic Finals games in a long time. The KD drama, Warriors, leading but never pulling away, then the 4th quarter comeback and lead by the Raptors, just to see a vintage Splash Brothers performance and Golden State winning the game by one point. 

What escaped us in real time was the fact Draymond got a hand on that Lowry corner three. Ask any coach – defense wins championships. Another play that will be overlooked because an intelligent defensive rotation and a fingertip block aren’t as sexy as a barrage of threes by Steph and Klay. 

After admiring the play and seeing the photo, one thing caught my eye. Something that has been annoying me more than the instant cheering by Raptors fans. Take a look at the photo again. Do you see it?

First thing you notice is the play, Draymond’s fingertips on the ball. Then the lady on the right, holding her breath. Then Joe Lacob, Warriors owner, seemingly unphased. Doesn’t he care? But that’s not it either. Let me help you out. 

WHY AREN’T THEY WATCHING THE FUC#$%& GAME!??!?!?!? The plague of recording everything instead of just being in the moment is driving me crazy. There are layers to this, let me break it down for you.

First of all, you are witnessing a spectacular game, potentially the first Raptors championship ever, the 4th quarter is a rollercoaster of emotions, and you still take out your phone so you can record whatever happens, post it online and get a few likes. That is just disturbing. There is no way people are capable of experiencing the moment the same way with or without their phone – it has to get in the way. A sad realization that their virtual life is more important than their actual life. 

Second of all, there are eight highlighted geniuses with their phones out. Out of the eight, SIX ARE NOT WATCHING THE FUCK$%& PLAY!!!!!! They are pointing their phones (they are watching a screen, not the actual thing happening in front of their eyes) away from the play and towards the basket. Maybe they are focusing on Steph or Kawhi; perhaps they couldn’t get the shot and the basket and want to record the ball going in. Whatever it is, it is truly idiotic. 

Third of all, and maybe they can afford it, but this was the most expensive ticket in NBA history (until Thursday night). TicketIQ reports that Game 5 was the priciest NBA Finals game it’s ever tracked with an average price of $5965. Given they are so close to the court, those seats must’ve been pricier than that.

Cheering KD’s injury is a horrible instinct, but in the heat of the game, the oppositions best player is out of the game and emotions get the better of you. That’s an instictive reaction, one that stopped quickly. THey even sent flower to apaolgize.

Thousands of dollars not to watch the last, potentially championship winning play. Civilization crumbling before our eyes.