This NCAA prospect could be the next NBA star

This NCAA prospect could be the next NBA star

To play a sport so athletically demanding and fast as basketball, you have to be in peak psychical condition, especially at the highest level. But one young prospect in the NCAA is defying all odds and dominating his opponents whit his unique chubby figure and gut that just stands out. Let me tell you about Kenneth Lofton Jr.

Zion 2.0?

Listed at 6’7” and 275 lbs, Lofton Jr. is simply destroying his opposition with an unstoppable mix of strength and finesse. His broad figure makes him impossible to push around or force out of the key, but when he is outside, Kenneth has a soft touch. The variety of post moves really brings an old-school feel to his game, as younger and older fans have a new fan favorite.

Lofton Jr. is only 19 years old and in his second year at Louisiana Tech, showing vast improvement. After a solid freshman season, Kenneth has stepped onto the big scene, averaging 19.4ppg and 11.3 rpg while shooting 59% from the floor. A few recent performances really caught the eye of the national media and fans.

Social media popularity

Naturally, fans started looking for NBA comparisons. The #1 name mentioned was Zion Williamson, but that was more a joke, as Zion’s weight has been a subject of ridicule for some time now. This picture from the other day didn’t help the cause.

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But if you want to look at a serious comparison that takes into account Lofton Jr.’s unique skill set, look no further than Zach Randolph. When you think of Z-Bo in his Grizzlies days, that perfectly represents how Kenneth plays. A soft left hand, similar height, weight, and build that is hard to find in today’s game. Lofton Jr. has a bit more athletic ability and quicker feet, which you wouldn’t expect from his appearance, but you can attribute that to his young age.

The only question lingering around the prospect of Lofton Jr. actually making it to the NBA and dominating the way he is now is: How sustainable is playing at that weight? Sure the 275 lbs of power help Lofton Jr. bang down low and perform his post moves, but carrying that type of weight is hard on your body and especially your knees. That will eventually result in injuries and end his career prematurely. Just look at the problems Zion is having because of his weight.

The best move for Lofton Jr. would be slimming down, in the sense of trying to minimize the fat and build more muscle. He doesn’t have to lose the weight or power but just reallocate it differently and work on his diet. That way, he could still punish opponents down-low while being even quicker and more athletic on his feet. If he takes the game of basketball seriously, works on his body, and continues perfecting the craft of low-post play, Lofton Jr. could be a completely different type of star in the modern NBA.