This is why people hate the Lakers

This is why people hate the Lakers

Brian Shaw said that Kyle Kuzma would be traded because LeBron gave him “the kiss of death.” Whether it’s because Kuzma stepped on LeBron’s toes, or simply because he’s an OK player, but an awkward fit with LeBron and AD on a rookie scale contract, Kuzma is their best trade asset. So, what can the Lakers get for him?

A lot of scenarios and rumors have been talked about, and there is one conclusion we can make – Kuzma is overrated. He’s a great story as a 27th pick, plays a position of need in the NBA, but Kuzma is far from a great player. One of the scenarios is that the Lakers trade Kuzma for Bogdan Bogdanović on the Kings. Most people implied the Kings would have to add an asset to make the deal happen. Zach Lowe lost his mind at the notion.

“He is being covered in the media like he’s an All-Star. There was an article saying what’s up with the Lakers Star. Star? If Kyle Kuzma is a star, what’s Khris Middleton? A Hall of Famer? Is Devin Booker the Greatest? That’s what drives fans of other teams crazy.”

Zach Lowe, The Lowe Post

Understandably, bigger markets get more national coverage, and it’s a simple bussines calculation; you go where the most substantial market is. But, that doesn’t mean you have to overrate and sugarcoat, something Lowe feels the Lakers get all the time. But, how would one quantify and measure such a theory?

It would probably take a lot of time and energy, and that’s why we salute Scottie PIPM for creating one of the best twitter threads we’ve ever seen. Scottie created a little quiz on Twitter with interesting examples of how ESPN and B/R followed certain stories. Scottie counted the number of tweets, posts, and stories, the results are fascinating. Check it out.