THE WORST BASKETBALL SEQUENCE in the courtesy of Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets

THE WORST BASKETBALL SEQUENCE in the courtesy of Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets

Playoff opener between the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz was a great game and a reminder of why we all love the NBA playoffs and the intensity of it. The game went into overtime, where both teams tried to outplay each other on every single possession. Still, the Jazz and especially Donovan Mitchell didn’t have enough focus to close to out the game to their advantage, and the Nuggets won 135-125 behind a monster performance from Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

The game was amazing to watch because of the intensity and the fact neither teams had a significant lead; however, there was sequence by both teams one minute before the first half-time ended when it was hard to watch the game. Both sides played at a fast pace missing one shot after the other, making some really poor decisions, especially on offense.

With players unable to score a point or even make a proper pass, inspired play-by-play commentator Mark Jones to compare the NBA players to regular people playing basketball when they met once a week for recreational purposes.

It’s looking like LA Fitness at 3:00 right now.

Mark Jones

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Even though this was by far the worst basketball sequence since the NBA returned and it really looked like the players were struggling to score a basket, they were able to pull out of that slump and play great basketball. It led to a monster game from Donovan Mitchell, who scored 57 points, but unfortunately for the Jazz, that wasn’t enough for them to secure a win against an excellent Nuggets squad.