The weirdest shot in NBA history

The weirdest shot in NBA history

The NBA is full of great players who bless us with amazing plays every night, but sometimes they also amaze us with some very lucky plays. The perfect example of that happened 4 years ago when Trevor Booker scored one of the most unique and weirdest shots ever.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were hosting the Utah Jazz in a regular season matchup. The Jazz were inbounding the ball in the frontcourt with 0.2 seconds to go on the shot clock. A situation that required a lob play to get a shot off.

They didn’t manage to find space for the lob, so Gordon Hayward decided to throw a bounce pass to Trevor Booker thinking probably they would get a shot clock violation. But Booker had another idea.

As the ball came up to him he was facing backward to the rim and being guarded by Westbrook. He instantly got into position and just tapped the ball in a volleyball style and swished it. The whole crowd and players on the floor were left shook. Booker could only laugh at it.

A very interesting fact about that play is that Booker took that shot with confidence because he practices those shots.

“I know you won’t believe me, but I really do practice those shots,” Booker told the media after the game. In his case practice made perfect.