The way Klay anounced ​he’s staying is amazing

The way Klay anounced ​he’s staying is amazing

Klay Thompson is one of the most peculiar characters in the NBA. First of all, you have to decide which is your favorite Klay. China Klay, Qatar Klay, Rocco Klay, or just Klay? We will (mostly) be talking about Klay here. 

When Kevin Durant arrived at the Warriors, the “only one ball” thing immediately came up. It was obvious the team will need to adapt, and players would need to sacrifice. When reporters asked Klay is he ready to sacrifice shots, his answer was simple. “I ain’t sacrificing sh**.”

Klay is the only person on the planet who can say something like that and not have Durant immediately mad at him. There’s something about Klay you know there is no menace in it. When a guy builds a library of talking about his dog, sharing his thoughts on scaffolding, and is very very chill, he gets away with stuff.

While they were rumors connecting Klay to the Lakers or the Clippers, it was never a realistic option. He is the original Splash Brother, a perfect fit next to Steph and when the Warriors announced they would offer him the full max after he tore his ACL, there was no doubt that deal would happen. 

Still, Klay managed to make it entertaining for us. Once the deal was done, he announced it on his Instagram profile. Did he make a short black and white story artsy story about himself? Did he publish a montage of his best moments and end it with a cheesy message? You know he didn’t. Klay let us know by doing the most Klay thing possible. Enjoy. 

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