The time Chris Bosh’s girlfriend talked trash to LeBron and made him go OFF

The time Chris Bosh’s girlfriend talked trash to LeBron and made him go OFF

Back in 2008 during a regular season game between the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavalries, it was a matchup of two young stars in Lebron James and Chris Bosh. And the game turned into a pretty funny and interesting story.

LeBron started the game pretty badly, as he was air-balling jump shots and missing dunks through the first three-quarters of the game and was just 6 for 19 from the floor, as the Raptors were holding the slight lead during the most of the game and going into the 4thquarter with a 70-57 lead.

But a pair of ladies in the courtside seats started to talk some trash towards “The King”. They would turn out to be Chris Bosh’s girlfriend and cousin, as the game would take a dramatic turn of events.

He just laughed it off, as the trash talking pumped up LeBron and made him go off and take over the game. He showed his whole repertory with a sequence of threes, dunks, and jumpers, all while barking back at the two ladies after each basket.

He would end up scoring 24 points just in the last quarter while leading his Cavs to a comeback win on the road. LeBron finished the game with 39 points, 11 rebounds, and eight assists, while Bosh had 23 points.

“They the reason the Raptors lost tonight cause they ticked me off a little bit,” said LeBron after the game.

Even though every athlete loves to have the support of his partner around him, this story shows they need to know when to turn it down a notch.