The time a college player scored 138 points in a game

The time a college player scored 138 points in a game

Everyone who played basketball at a certain level knows about “the hot hand.” They remember the moment of getting into the zone and the feeling like they can’t miss a shot. It is most definitely one of the best feelings you can get while hopping, and it can lead to some spectacular scenes when pro’s get hot. Even the most regular D3 college player can go off for 138 points if they feel lucky that day. That is precisely what the hero of our story, Jack Taylor, did back in 2012.

In a Division 3 College game between the Grinnel Pioneers and the Faith Baptist Bible college team, a player by the name of Jack Taylor managed to score 138 points and set the NCAA record for most points in a game. At 5’10”, Taylor was a small but very dangerous point guard, known for his explosive scoring ability. It was a perfect fit, as his college team, Grinnel, was known for a system that revolved around a fast-paced offense with lots of scoring. It would allow Taylor to put up a lot of shots on a nightly basis and score in bunches.

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no – this wasn’t a triple-overtime game. Taylor played 36 minutes and scored 138 points while shooting 52 of 108 (48%).  He made 27 out of 71 attempts (38%) from the three-point line. If you want to get geeky into the stats, it means Taylor was shooting three shoots per minute for the whole game. That’s pretty crazy.

Taylor cruised along with a cool 58 points in the first half, only to take it up a notch and drop 80 in the second half. He had a stretch during the game in which he made seven three-pointers in a row in under two minutes. It was a scoring show, with a player on the other team, named David Larson, scoring 70 points without anyone noticing. In the end, Grinnel got the convincing 179-104 win.

It wasn’t the only time Taylor tore up his opponents, as he scored 109 points in a game the next season and notched numerous 50+ point games. Many people discredit this performance because he didn’t do it against a top-tier college team, but scoring 138 points against anybody is no easy task. In the end, Taylor applied for the 2014 Draft but went undrafted, showing it takes a lot more than pure scoring ability to make it to the next level.