The tickets for tonight’s game between Duke and North Carolina have reached an astronomic price

The tickets for tonight’s game between Duke and North Carolina have reached an astronomic price

The NBA starts once again tomorrow, but every basketball fan will be able to enjoy some really good basketball tonight in a game between the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels.

The highly expected college matchup that will feature a couple of future NBA players is under a big microscope because it will be a perfect opportunity for NBA scouts to see what future players can do but the fans will be able to be a part of a rivalry that lasts for decades.

Because of all these reasons the ticket prices have skyrocketed in the past couple of days with the cheapest seats selling at $2,500. For example, the cheapest ticket for Super Bowl was  $2,674 which shows the amount of hype that is involved around this game.

Per, Kyle Zorn who is working as a marketing strategist for TickPick, some tickets for this game even sold at an astonishing price of $10,652 and Zion Williamson is one of the main reasons why the tickets are selling so great. That much hype surrounding one player hasn’t been since when LeBron James was entering the NBA.

As far as Duke this year, I haven’t seen anything like this. Between Zion Williamson, a No. 1 ranking and this being one of the biggest rivalries in sports, there’s intense demand. There’s also a limited supply of inventory, which is having a major effect on price. Cameron Indoor Stadium has 13 percent the seating capacity of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. When you factor in that the floor seating is reserved for students, you’re left with a short supply — and massive demand.”

Another interesting comparison is the price of tickets that were being sold for last year’s national game between Villanova and Michigan. You could get the cheapest tickets for only $67.

On March 9th, Duke and UNC will have a rematch and the tickets for that game are already being sold at an average price of $991.

Duke is currently ranked as the best team in NCAA while North Carolina is listed on the 8th spot and this will be their 46th matchup between the two teams. Duke won 23 games while North Carolina won 22 games so far. We’ll be witnessing another great game, especially with all the young talent out there competing to steal the show.