The story of what Pierce did after winning the 2008 NBA championship against the Lakers and being named the MVP.

Boston Celtics all-time great Paul Pierce was featured on the 20th episode of All The Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

Growing up in Inglewood, California, right next to The Forum, Pierce was destined to be a Laker fan. Paul hated the Boston Celtics like everyone else in the City of Angels.

Ironically, he ended up getting drafted as the no.10 pick — although he had much higher expectations, something he also touched upon during the interview — by none other than the Boston Celtics.

The All The Smoke episode covered many iconic stories surrounding Paul’s career; however, one, in particular, stood out: the story of what Pierce did after winning the 2008 NBA championship against the Lakers and being named the MVP.

After winning the championship, the team partied in Vegas for a few days, and then Pierce flew to LA, where he spent the rest of the summer. Upon getting to his hometown, Pierce called up his crew and made sure they have a good time.

Famous restaurant on Sunset (Blvd.), Katana, I go up there with all my boys, it’s like about 10-15 of us. They can’t tell me nothing. I’m walking all summer with a white beater on. I got my trophy in my hand, and I went outside on the patio and sat the trophy right there, in front of everybody right in the middle of LA.

Paul Pierce

‘The Truth’ was fortunate enough that this moment took place just before the social media boom. Imagine the uproar this would cause in the city if someone posted a picture or video of him boasting with the trophy.

I’m like boom; we’re gonna kick back eat and drink — man, that hated that so bad. I’m in the middle of LA in one of the hot restaurants where everyone’s kickin’ it, and I put the trophy right there on the table and sit outside where everyone looking. And I got my crew; my swag was through the roof.

Paul Pierce

Barnes mentioned how Kobe went on record saying that the lowest point in his career was the 2008 loss from the Celtics. Kobe also admitted that one of his all-time favorite career moments was beating the same Celtics team in 2010. The Black Mamba got his revenge for the city of Los Angeles as well as the Lakers organization.