The Story of the Ricky Davis’ Failed Triple Double

The Story of the Ricky Davis’ Failed Triple Double

Tyree Ricardo “Ricky” Davis was born on September 23, 1979. He played college basketball for the University of Iowa and then twelve seasons in the NBA. Davis was selected in 1998 by Charlotte with the 21st pick in the NBA draft. He spent almost five years in different teams, from Charlotte to Miami to Cleveland, looking for an opportunity to record some triple-doubles.  On March 16, 2003, while the Cavaliers were hosting Utah, and despite being a horrible team that would win only 17 games, Cleveland was winning by 24 points late. At the time Davis had 26 points, 12 assists, and 9 rebounds. Ricky finally saw his big opportunity and took advantage.

Davis took the inbound pass, turned to his own basket, intentionally missed a shot, and attempted to grab the rebound to secure his triple-double and complete that achievement in the game. DeShawn Stevenson was angry about that play and tackled Davis to the floor. Stevenson’s coach, Jerry Sloan, later told reporters, “I was proud of DeShawn and I would have knocked him down harder. They can put me in jail for saying that, but that’s the way it is.”

In an interview posted on, Davis talked about his reputation as a selfish player, in which he also mentioned failed triple-double attempt:

“I did some bad things, but the only thing I regret is my triple-double. But everything else comes with experience. People forget I got drafted when I was 17, so I had a lot of young ‘myself-myself’ attitude, and now it’s more about being part of a team, and more of what I can do to help the team.”

Davis’s action showed a lack of knowledge of the rules.

“It is a violation for a player to attempt a field goal at an opponent’s basket. The opposing team will be awarded the ball at the free throw line extended.”