The story behind Wilt’s 100 point game

The story behind Wilt’s 100 point game

The NBA is full of unbelievable records, but as history goes on, they always get broken and replaced with even more amazing records. But Wilt’s 100 point game is one that still hasn’t been broken and possibly could forever go untouched.

On March 2, 1962, Wilt and his Philadelphia Warriors were playing against the New York Knicks who were one of the worst teams at that time, entering that game with a 27-45 record. And to make thing worse his matchup at the center position had “flu” symptoms and ended up playing just 20 minutes, so Cleveland Buckner, a 6-9- rookie had to cover Wilt. It was set up for a historic night.

Wilt scored 41 points already in the first half, but that wasn’t that abnormal as that season he was averaging an unreal 50.4 points per game. He would often go for 50, 60 point games. But this game he wanted more, so his teammates started to force the ball to him. He managed to score his final point 46 seconds before the end of the game as the fans went into a frenzy.

In the end, he finished the game with the most surreal stat line in history, 100 points on 36-63 shots from the field, 25 rebounds, and 2 assists. What was also amazing he hit 28-32 free throws which was about 90%. Quite the shooting night for a player with a 51.1 FT% for his career.

That season was probably the most dominant season by any player that we will see in history. He finished the season averaging 50.4 points, 25.7 rebounds with a 50.6 FG% while playing 48.5 minutes per game( his Warriors played ten overtimes that season, as Chamberlain played 3,882 of a possible 3,890 minutes.) It is safe to say Wilt’s records are for now untouchable.