The softening market for Victor Oladipo could give the NBA another super team

The softening market for Victor Oladipo could give the NBA another super team

Earlier this year, Victor Oladipo turned down a two-year, 45.2 million extension offer from the Houston Rockets. Oladipo landed in Houston as part of the three-team deal that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, forming the first super-team since Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors in the 2016-2017 season. Oladipo starred in his role in Houston, contributing in a variety of ways on both ends of the floor, leading the Rockets to a five-game winning streak in the process.

Dipo kept up the good work and earned himself a max contract extension with the Rockets. To the surprise of most, Victor declined the extension, hoping he could secure a longer deal elsewhere. Oladipo was then traded to the Heat before last year’s trade deadline, where he played only four games before missing the rest of the season with a knee injury.

The former all-star is banking on his past achievements to be the basis for offers he will receive as an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Oladipo is a former all-star whose career began to gain traction during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder with Russell Westbrook. The fact that Oladipo has been in trades for Paul George and James Harden on two separate occasions is a testament to Victor’s talent. Still, injuries in consecutive seasons leave teams hesitant on whether to make Victor Oladipo the offer he desires. 

“Victor Oladipo could possibly be a 1 year, minimum deal option for the Lakers as the market could be drying up for him.” 🤔

Jake Fischer, via Twitter

The market for Victor Oladipo has certainly softened, and the days of him receiving max contract offers are behind him. Oladipo’s contract value declined, and this was to be expected given the circumstances and the number of guards available in free agency this offseason. However, Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer dropped a surprising hint about how far down Oladipo’s value has fallen. Fischer reports that Victor could be looking at a one-year deal at the minimum with the Los Angeles Lakers. If this were to happen, Victor Oladipo would once again be involved in forming an NBA super-team, but this time, the juggernaut would include him.

With teams around the league unsure about Victor’s health or what he could bring to their team, there is no better move than this. Nobody needs to see Oladipo put up big numbers on a bad team. At this point in his career, NBA teams are rather curious to see if Victor Oladipo can stay healthy and help generate wins for their team. The talent is there, but after multiple surgeries and a few undesirable departures from his former teams, front offices have no idea what they will get from Oladipo. Forget the max contract; teams around the league are contemplating whether or not they sign him at all. However, if there is one team that will take a chance on him, it will be the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even with Russell Westbrook, the Lakers need more guys who can put the ball in the hoop, and when healthy, Oladipo can score with the best of them. Dipo likes to have the ball in his hands and is a good enough spot-up shooter and defender to significantly impact the game despite a much lower usage rate. One more thing to note is that Oladipo had his best years alongside Russell Westbrook, which would give him a role he can shine in as the Lakers’ sixth man.  

If I were the Lakers, I’m calling up Oladipo and offering the minimum, and Victor better picks up the phone and take it. Oladipo has always been one to bet on himself even with the odds are not in his favor, and now that the league is slowly forgetting about the talent he once was, there is no better time for him to try and prove the league executives wrong.