THE SAGA IS OVER – Matt Barnes finally gets his ’17 championship ring

THE SAGA IS OVER – Matt Barnes finally gets his ’17 championship ring

A few months ago, Matt Barnes discovered that he still hadn’t picked up the championship ring he had won with the Warriors back in ’17. Well, thanks to coach Steve Kerr and the class that is Golden State organization, the ring has finally found its owner.

Barnes was a guest on ESPN’s The Jump when Rachel Nichols brought up the topic of his championship ring. The 14-year vet even participated in the ring ceremony with his two sons, but he didn’t pick the ring up. Matt felt like he didn’t earn it, due to being injured and not having a significant impact in the postseason.

I don’t count my championship with Golden State. I appreciate the opportunity, but to me, I just had the best seat in the house to watch the amazing team win a championship. To me, that doesn’t count. I still got to get it from Raymond; I told him I’m going to come to the game and pick it up.

Matt Barnes, All The Smoke

Thankfully, the Warriors vehemently disagree with Barnes. They had a courier drive his ring down from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, just to make sure that it ends up in the hands of the one who earned it. And the Golden State organization truly believes that he earned it. Coach Kerr’s message to Barnes speaks to it.

Congratulations, about time you took this ring, I mean we’ve been trying to give it to you for about three years. In all seriousness, I just want to say this was well deserved. You played a big role on our team in ’17, especially when KD went down. You were a great leader, you were fantastic to coach, one of the most competitive people I’ve ever been around and you brought Warriors’ fans a lot of thrills over the years. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the organization, enjoy the ring! You are an NBA champion – don’t ever forget that.

Steve Kerr, ESPN

The game of cat and mouse is over. The ring is finally on the finger of its owner. And the funny thing about it – Barnes still doesn’t believe he earned it. He still thinks he had the best seats in the house to watch one of the greatest teams ever to do it.

As coach Kerr said – enjoy the ring, Matt! You see the efforts the Warriors have gone through to get you that ring. You’re appreciated by the organization and every single person involved with it. That in and of itself validates the impact you had on their championship run.