“The Rockets shouldn’t trade Chris Paul, they should fire Mike D’Antoni”

“The Rockets shouldn’t trade Chris Paul, they should fire Mike D’Antoni”

Despite the Finals starting tonight, the Rockets GM Daryl Morey managed to make headlines with putting everyone on the roster available for trade. Yes, that includes James Harden.

It has to be noted, he would only accept an offer that will never happen, but it goes to show the Rockets are genuinely the most active front office. Morey is aware trades are the only way to improve the team as Harden, Paul, Capela, and Gordon make a combined $106 million next season. Free agency is a fringe game for them.

They would probably want to deal CP3, but he is 34 with a lot of money left on his deal. How much money? He is making more than Harden per-year, that much. It’s not impossible to get rid of his contract, but either you find a poorly managed desperate team (the Lakers), or you have to attach positive value assets to him in the trade – and that defeats the purpose of the trade. There is one other option.

As always, it is easier to change a coach than an entire roster, and D’Antoni expressed a desire to sign an extension, but the Rockets owner dismissed that at this time. D’Antoni is a fantastic coach, but time and time again he couldn’t get to the Finals, and often he has stuck to an original game plan without any adjustments. 

As if all the free agency drama wasn’t enough, gotta keep an eye on the Rockets as well. It’s gonna be a fun summer!!