The reason why Bradley Beal doesn’t want to be traded

The reason why Bradley Beal doesn’t want to be traded

Bradley Beal has been one of the hottest targets on the trade block this season, as numerous rumors have been floating for a while. His Washington Wizards have sunken to the bottom of the NBA with a 6-16 record at the moment, as images of a frustrated Bradley Beal doing all he can but still losing have been trending a lot. He is convincingly leading the league in scoring with 33.3 points per game, proving again how he is still one of the best offensive players in the league. But his co-star Westbrook and the rest of the team just haven’t been good enough so far this season, with a few occasions in which they showed some potential. 

He has voiced his frustrations publically over the team’s struggles, but it looks like he is not ready to jump the ship. Beal’s agent Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports & Entertainment, spoke to Yahoo Sports about Beal’s intentions and his future:

“He doesn’t want to quit on something. He’s an incredibly loyal guy, and he wants to always feel like he’s done everything he can to help something or someone be successful. It’s the way he was raised and what his values are based upon. It’s ingrained in him. It’s what makes him, in my mind, so unique. He’s all about the right things.”

Mark Bartelstein, via Yahoo Sports

Many people were surprised when Beal signed that extension instead of trying to get on a contending team. Everybody thought he went for the money instead of playing for a championship, but it seems we shouldn’t have been too quick to judge him. Beal has that old school mentality of taking his team to glory instead of taking the easy way out.

Loyalty has been a lost value in today’s NBA, as there are almost no players that stay with the same team for their whole career, especially if the team is underachieving. So the fact Beal wants to make it work and help the Wizards become a contender instead of switching teams and teaming up with other stars is great to see because usually, players of his caliber don’t stick around long if their expectations aren’t met. 

It brings a cool old school vibe, reminiscing of players like Jordan, Bird, Kobe, or Dirk, star players that stayed with the same team for their whole careers and eventually managed to win it all. Unfortunately, this decision may cost Beal winning a ring, but that doesn’t diminish the fact he has a strong and admirable mentality.