THE PLOT FOR SPACE JAM 2 HAS LEAKED and the hype surrounding the legendary sequel is real

THE PLOT FOR SPACE JAM 2 HAS LEAKED and the hype surrounding the legendary sequel is real

As of right now, the highly-anticipated “Space Jam 2” is still in post-production and is set to release in July 2021, but thanks to a leaky pipe somewhere in Hollywood the plot of the movie starring Lebron James is out and it’s looking like a slam dunk!

Director Ben Mekler with the intergalactic alley-oop.

The movie is a sequel to the legendary classic “Space Jam” directed by Joe Pytka and starred by Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest basketball movie franchises ever.

The live-action/animated sports comedy follow-up directed by Malcom D. Lee, titled: “Space Jam: A New Legacy” comes more than two decades later and is starring Lebron James as the movie’s main protagonist.

The hype surrounding the new movie is genuine, but it will also have to live up to the original’s high expectations, which was one of the most successful sports movies of the 90s’. It created a global cult following thanks to the pairing of MJ and the Looney Tunes, specifically Buggs Bunny.

Anyone who has seen the original will notice that the sequel’s plot is comparable to the plot of its predecessor, which highlighted a fictionalized account of what happened during Jordan’s initial retirement from the NBA in 1993, and his comeback in 1995 in whiches he used his basketball skills to help save the cartoon characters from enslavement.

Similarly, the Lebron-led “Space Jam 2” will have the 16x All-Star trapped in the wacky world of The Warner Brother’s classics and will feature The Looney Tunes once more in order to win an epic basketball game that would set his son and himself free.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the plot of the new “Space Jam 2” movie revolves around every parent’s worse nightmare, which is saving their child from evil. It is still unknown whether or not Lebron’s eldest son Bronny James will be co-starring alongside him, but knowing how Lebron gets what Lebron wants we won’t be surprised if that end up being the case.

As if potentially having Bronny James co-star along his dad wasn’t exciting enough, the movie is speculated to feature other basketball superstars such as Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson and more to be announced soon.