The player with most kids in NBA history

The player with most kids in NBA history

The NBA lifestyle is one that many would envy. Money, fame, and all the girls are just what comes with being a superstar athlete. Among the rare family men, we can see a lot of young guys and older players, for that matter, get tangled a bit too much in luxury and lose their way. Some let it affect their play, while others know how to handle it. Just ask Wilt Chamberlain or Dennis Rodman.

The ugly side of fame

But you have to be careful because that kind of life also has its dangers. From STDs to women who will try to use the wealthy athletes for their own benefit. I mean, we have all heard of the PJ Washington case, who was being groomed since his teenage years by an older woman, only to get a child together so she can get legal, financial support from the young NBA stud.

There are plenty of dangerous and evil women in this world, but you have to also admit. These NBA stars are no puppies either. They have it all on the table for them, and sometimes they get greedy. It’s a stereotype that NBA players usually have multiple children with various women, but you can name some guys like that at the top of your head.

Shawn Kemp allegedly has seven kids with six different women, while in a more recent example, Dwight Howard has between 5-8 kids. Now that seems like a lot, but these are rookie numbers compared to one guy you probably never even heard of. And that’s Calvin Murphy.

Great player, even better seducer

At only 5’9”, Murphy is one of the greatest short players in NBA history. Despite his small size, Calvin managed to notch an All-Star appearance and get into the Hall-of-Fame, averaging 17.9 ppg and 4.4 apg in 13 seasons with the Rockets. His career made him a legend in Houston, but his off-court reputation made him an icon.

Murphy has 14 kids with 9 different women. That sounds a bit hard to believe, but it is the truth. Murphy had game on the court, but even more off the court. Of course, with so many children and women involved, there had to be some drama. The tension between the kids boiled, and jealousy kicked in, as 5 of his daughters that were born outside of his marriage accused him of being a child molester. Things would go to court in 2004, but Murphy would be found not guilty, with his other kids defending him and revealing how this was all about pure jealousy and resentment.

Murphy, who was working as a local broadcaster for the Rockets at the time, got fired and hit rock bottom. Still, after winning the case and working on resolving relationships with his family, Murphy turned a new page and even returned to the broadcast booth back in 2012. A crazy life story from Calvin Murhpy that simply shows you, there is a line you can cross and create yourself huge problems. Luckily for him, Murphy eventually prevailed and made the best of the situation.