The Pelicans are negotiating with Boston and LA

The Pelicans are negotiating with Boston and LA

Since he learned Anthony Davis hasn’t changed his mind after the Pelicans won the draft lottery, David Griffin has let the league know he wants to get a deal done before the 2019 NBA Draft, a week from now.

Griffin wants to control all the draft picks he would presumably get in an AD trade so the Pelicans could make their own assessment and the eventual pick. Out of all the teams that are interested, the Celtics and Lakers have gone furthest in trade talks with the Pelicans. 

So what are the new developments? The Pelicans are not interested in a full rebuild, Jrue Holiday and Zion are ready to win NBA games so Griffin is exploring the value of the 4th pick (the one the Lakers have in this year’s draft) and the possibility of getting an All-Star caliber player in a trade that would include, among other things, that pick. 

When it comes to the Celtics, AD’s agent Rich Paul repeated Davis has no intention of committing this summer and will be a free agent in 2020. (via Sports Illustrated)

They can trade for him, but it’ll be for one year,” Paul says. “I mean: If the Celtics traded for Anthony Davis, we would go there and we would abide by our contractual [obligations] and we would go into free agency in 2020. I’ve stated that to them. But in the event that he decides to walk away and you give away assets? Don’t blame Rich Paul.” 

Just looking at Danny Ainge’s record lets you know this will not have a lot of influence on their decision. The question for the Celtics is, how much do they offer, now that it is obvious Kyrie is out the door (and likely joining the Nets)? The prevailing opinion around the league is that giving all the young assets (Brown and Tatum in particular) for a one-year rental would be too much of a risk.

Griffin will wait for the market out a few more days and give other teams a chance to jump in, but it seems we will have a trade alert before the Draft on June 20th.

P.S. There’s a game on tonight.