The only NBA player ever to play and score for two teams in the same game

The only NBA player ever to play and score for two teams in the same game

Throughout NBA history, there have been numerous memorable, exciting, and unbelievable moments that made us fall in love with the game. But sometimes, in between all those fantastic moments, some weird and never before seen moments occur. This situation is a perfect example of it.

In a 1978 game between the Nets and the Sixers, Eric Money managed to play and score for both teams in the same game. How the hell did he manage to do that? 

Well, the game kind of got out of control when Bernard King (seen on the cover photo) received three technicals and was automatically ejected. His coach Kevin Loughery got the same punishment, and the whole situation became a mess.

“That call on Bernard set everything in motion, then Kevin went ballistic, and next thing I know, the game was out of control with all the technicals.”

Harvey Catchings,

After the game, the Nets filed a protest to the league, which led two refs involved in the original game being suspended and the last quarter and a half of the game being played again. Due to the busy schedule, it was arranged that the remainder of that game would be played before their next game, making it a doubleheader for the evening.

Now, this is where the protagonist of this story, Eric Money, comes into play. Before their doubleheader, the Nets and the Sixers would agree to a trade that would send Money and Skinner to the Sixers in exchange for Catchings, Simpson, and cash. All of the traded players were allowed to play in the game for their new teams.

But only Money would manage to score for both sides, putting him in the history books. At the end of the game, he was credited with 23 points, of which he scored 19 with the Nets in the original game and 4 with the Sixers in the makeup game. 

“The strangest situation I’ve ever been in. I was laughing about it, Julius (Erving) was laughing. It was sort of funny for everybody. … All the fans got their money’s worth. Two games for the price of one.”

Kevin Loughery, Nets coach ,

There is no doubt this was one of the strangest and unique things to ever happen in the NBA, as it is hard to imagine we will ever see something like this again.