The only man to outscore Michael Jordan in a playoff series

The only man to outscore Michael Jordan in a playoff series

There are a few players who, at least in some given moment of their respective careers, somehow managed to overshadow the player today many consider the NBA GOAT – Michael Jordan.

One of those few is 6’9″ power forward Terry Cummings. A member of the 1984-85 Milwaukee Bucks managed to average more points per game than Jordan in the 1985 EC First-round series between the Bucks and the Bulls, thus becoming the only player who outscored MJ in a postseason series.

Already during the 1984-85 regular season, spectacular Bulls rookie Michael Jordan displayed great willingness to take on the Milwaukee Bucks and their designated defensive specialist, 1983-84 NBA Defensive player of the Year and member of 1984-85 All-defensive 1st team – guard Sidney Moncrief!

In the six regular-season games vs. the Bucks, Jordan averaged 28.8 points to go along with 6.3 boards and 6.2 dimes per game while hitting 53.0% of his field-goal attempts.

In the 1985 postseason, Moncrief, along with pioneer point forward Paul Pressey, did a great job in making the 1984-85 NBA Rookie of the Year earn every one of his 29.3 points per game. Jordan shot 43.5% shooting from the field.

At the other end of the floor, Cummings played as a man possessed! He led the Bucks charge while shooting blistering 63.3% from the field and taking down 9.3 boards per game, thus creating complete havoc in the Bulls defense and subsequently leading the Bucks to a convincing 3-1 series triumph.

TC seriously damaged the Bull’s chances to advance to the EC semifinal round by averaging 29.5 points per game and thus outscoring MJ by 0.2 points per game (118-117 throughout four-game series)!

Although the Bucks eliminated the future NBA powerhouse led by a global superstar in the making, they fell to the Philadelphia 76ers in the very next round, losing the semifinal series by a cumulative 0-4!

The next time the Bulls met the Bucks in the postseason was in 1990. This time around, the surging Bulls won the series by 1-3 and advanced to the EC semifinals vs. Philadelphia 76ers. During his illustrious 15-year long playing career Michael Jordan appeared in 37 playoff series, and Terry Cummings is the only player who managed to outscore him in a single playoff series!

Basketball Network contributor Murray Crnogaj, the 1980s and 1990s basketball specialist, is the proud co-author of the TOP 100 basketball biography ‘Drazen – The Years of the Dragon.’