The night when MJ made NBA history and scored his 20,000 point

The night when MJ made NBA history and scored his 20,000 point

Michael Jordan had so many accolades in his career that it’s impossible to count them all, however, on this date in 1993, MJ accomplished a remarkable feat.

In a regular season game against the Milwaukee Bucks, MJ scored a game-high 35 points, which also gave him exactly a 20,000 points mark. He was at that time the second youngest player to reach such a mark since it took him only 620 games to achieve that accomplishment. Wilt Chamberlain, on the other hand, reached the same mark with only 499 games.

After the game, MJ was pretty happy with his achievement, especially since he was in the same conversation as Wilt, who is regarded as the most dominant force in NBA history.

“It looks like I fell short of Chamberlain again, which is a privilege”

The Bulls won the game in a dominant fashion 120-95.  Jordan reached the 20,000 points mark midway through the fourth quarter when he drained a three-pointer and was taken out of the game with exactly 20,000 points. The fans at the Chicago Stadium were in a frenzy because they knew they are witnessing history at it’s making.

That season was one of the most dominant ones in MJ’s career since he was averaging 32 points, almost 7 rebounds, 5.5 assists and almost 3 steals per game. Despite having such a phenomenal season, the MVP award went to Charles Barkley’s hands who would eventually lose to Jordan and the Bulls in the NBA finals that year.