The night of the draft, the Warriors told LaMelo Ball he’s their pick

The night of the draft, the Warriors told LaMelo Ball he’s their pick

We’ve rarely seen so much agreement about who should be the no.1 pick before the Draft amongst analysts as we did in 2020. Every guy said there was no doubt – LaMelo Ball is the guy. Yet, as we came closer to Draft Night, it became clear the Timberwolves will take Anthony Edwards. The question everyone wondered was who’s going to end up in Golden State?

A majority of reports leaned towards James Wiseman. It’s no secret Steve Kerr has been longing for an athletic big man for a long time and that Bob Myers really appreciates size on the basketball court. Quite the irony coming from the team that gave us small-ball, I know. But it was obvious there was still a major dilemma within the Golden State organization – LaMelo or Wiseman?

One of the things that raised eyebrows about LaMelo was the news that he was bad during his interviews. Ball seemed disinterested, and his unorthodox basketball path through Lithuania and Australia only made those concerns bigger. Does he love basketball enough to stick with it in a more organized environment where everything isn’t tailored to his needs? The Warriors went with Wiseman, but reporting from Jalen Rose reveals the discussion in their ranks lasted till the very end. 

“The night of the draft, the Golden State Warriors told LaMelo Ball they were going to take him next, and they didn’t do it. That story going to come out soon.” 

Jalen Rose, Jalen & Jacoby

I never could understand these promises to players before draft night. If you have a dilemma, then don’t make a promise. As an organization you stand to lose a lot more than you will gain if you actually take the guy. This story gets more credibility when we go back to Draft Night and watch LaMelo’s social media post after the first pick was made. 

We still don’t know if the Warriors made the right decision or not. James Wiseman has loads of potential and can have a great career. But if the story is true, the comparisons between Wiseman and LaMelo will only happen more often, and LaMelo will for sure bring it every time the Warriors are on his schedule.