The New York Knicks have a plan to acquire Anthony Davis this summer

The New York Knicks have a plan to acquire Anthony Davis this summer

The New York Knicks have been one of the most poorly run NBA franchise in recent years and this season wasn’t any better. The Knicks finished with the worst record this season and they have really good chances for getting a really high pick this summer which could potentially land them Zion Williamson.

Even though most teams in the lower tier of the NBA would want to build a team around a young prodigy from Duke, it seems the Knicks have different plans in place for the upcoming summer. According to senior NBA analyst for The Athletic Shams Charania Knicks will try to draft Zion and trade him alongside one other player for Anthony Davis. The Knicks are convicted if they make that move early in the summer their chances of getting Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant increase dramatically.

I’m told that if the Knicks get the #1 overall pick they will shift their focus to a potential deal for Anthony Davis. Zion Williamson and potentially Kevin Knox, their prized rookie who had a stellar rookie campaign and really started to develop over the course of the season, they could pair both of those guys in a trade for Anthony Davis. There might not be a better deal out there than the Knicks if they were able to get the #1 overall pick.

That would arm them in free agency with Anthony Davis for all of these star players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant [who] most of them want to play with other stars…Anthony Davis would give them a guy who can try to sway Kevin Durant to join [the] franchise. There’s a lot of potential for the Knicks in the lottery tonight.

It remains to be seen whether the Knicks will be able to draft Zion as the first pick because that will determine their next big move in the free agency. It might happen that they will be in a position to acquire Anthony Davis and alongside with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving form a respectable big three that could take over the eastern conference next season.