The Nets salary cap speaks volumes – it’s championship or bust in Brooklyn

The Nets salary cap speaks volumes – it’s championship or bust in Brooklyn

We already broke down the basic parameters of the monster four-team trade that got James Harden to Brooklyn. Now it’s time to take a more detailed look into the Nets roster and what’s to be expected. The overall conclusion is that this is an all-in move for this and the next season that cost them picks until much longer than that. 

green = player option

The Nets have KD, Harden, Harris, Jordan, Shamet, TLC, Bowen Green, and Johnson. Dinwiddie is out with a torn ACL, and Kyrie – nobody knows. He may return tomorrow, or he may retire. Your guess is as good as mine. If we are generous and count Irving in, that’s 10 players on the roster and way above the salary cap. The only way the Nets get better is via trade (not likely) or on the buyout market (likely). But, while Kyrie is figuring out his future, the roster will be very thin.

The Nets plan is to win games 140-135. They will be unstoppable on offense and won’t stop anyone on defense. Their only real center is DeAndre Jordan who was benched for their entire game against Denver. Jeff Green is their backup center and Kevin Durant is 7 feet tall. Usually, you have to be top 10-12 in both offense and defense to win in the NBA. The Nets would sign 15th in defense on the spot. 

On offense, there’s only one ball and all that jazz. Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni are capable enough to develop a system that will be unstoppable – if their three stars accept it. The Nets will need their own Ubuntu to make it work. This won’t be about talent, it will be about character. The Nets said Nash’s emotional IQ is his greatest strength. Getting KD, Harden, and Kyrie is the ultimate test for that. 

If the Nets win a title this or next year, this will all be worth it. Keep in mind, Joe Harris is the only man on the roster in ’23/’34 – they traded every pick including 2027. Vegas reacted instantly, the Nets are now +300 to win the title, right behind the Lakers at +250. But I’m not sure this move made such an improvement on the court. There are a lot of holes to fill, and Sean Marks will have to do some magic in the buyout market. 

One thing is for sure. We are in for a ride.