The NBA’s Greatest Dunker You Never Heard Of

The NBA’s Greatest Dunker You Never Heard Of

Stromile Swift is one of the forgotten high-flyers from the early ’00s, which rarely gets mentioned in debates about the greatest dunkers, but he definitely deserves an honorable mention.

Swift spent his college career at Louisiana State University, where he led the Tigers to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in his sophomore year, during the time when the LSU men’s basketball program was under probation and had limited scholarships available.

Swift was selected second overall in the 2000 NBA draft by the Vancouver Grizzlies. Swift brought in to be the new centerpiece of the Memphis Grizzlies. Unfortunately for him, he never managed to distinguish himself from other Grizzly bigs, and the cornerstone role eventually fell to Marc Gasol.

His best season was his second season in the league when he averaged 11.0 ppg and 6.3 rpg with 1.7. bpg.

Stromile Swift really excelled at one thing and that was dunking. He put on a good show at the 2001 dunk contest and unsurprisingly if you look him up on youtube, you’ll only see dunk highlights. Really, that was all Stromile Swift did – dunk. He was a career 7.4% 3PT shooter and 70% FT shooter. Even though most of his shots were dunks, he only shot 47.3% for his career. He was a decent shot blocker, but otherwise just ‘meh’ defensively.

He competed in the 2001 Slam Dunk Competition against Baron Davis, DeShawn Stevenson, Corey Maggette, Desmond Mason, and Jonathan Bender. Swift placed fourth as Mason, of the Seattle SuperSonics, won the competition.

Swift bounced around the Rockets, Grizzlies again, Nets, Suns, 76ers, and China before retiring.