Shams Charania has details on how refs will punish foul baiting

Shams Charania has details on how refs will punish foul baiting

The change of NBA basketball is evident from year to year now more than ever, as the dynamic style of play caused by the evolution of young players being quite possibly more skilled than ever influenced even the rules to change and teams to adapt to new schemes. Obviously, the most significant change in modern basketball, compared to the gritty old school style of basketball, is the revolution of three-point shooting. 

That style change brought along the need for adapting the way referees control the game and keep everything fair. Due to the offensive explosion the NBA has seen, with numerous crafty scorers appearing out of nowhere and dominating the game, the refs have enforced a criterion that protects offensive players to a fault. It is more complex than ever to be an excellent defensive player in today’s game, as the slightest contact can be considered illegal.

Well, the offensive players have taken notice of that and exploited it to the max, with some of the biggest names in the game being known for their unconventional ways of drawing fouls and going to the line rather than trying to get a bucket. Some of the most criticized players for this trend have been guys like Trae Young and James Harden.

Trae’s infamous foul baiting when being in front of defenders and Harden initiating contact on his shots are the best examples of how offensive players have gotten too comfortable with getting any call they want rather than trying to work for their points. Of course, these two are just the two best-known examples, as basically the whole NBA has adopted this “foul-baiting” style of play due to its effectiveness. We can’t fail to mention Chris Paul ripping through defenders’ hands as well. All this has infuriated NBA fans who have gotten sick of all the foul calls slowing down the game and ruining the game’s beauty. But luckily for us, it looks like NBA has finally fixed this problem.

NBA Insider Shams Charania has reported that the NBA will be implementing new rules in order to reduce non-basketball moves used to draw fouls. So launching your body into defenders, kicking out your legs, and similar moves won’t be tolerated or considered fouls.

That is great news for the NBA fandom, as this is something fans have been begging for years. After watching FIBA basketball for a few weeks now, NBA fans have fallen in love with the game’s simplicity, allowing players to play defense and challenge shots without worrying about getting called for fouls. Hopefully, NBA games won’t take as long and revolve around star players on the free-throw line, but rather force all these skilled players to use their talents to get buckets without looking to referees for help. Kudos Adam Silver!