The NBA introduced a new rule change in this year’s three-point contest

The NBA introduced a new rule change in this year’s three-point contest

The NBA is continuously introducing new changes in the league, and the recent ones they announced we’ll be able to see at the All-Star weekend in Chicago. The league announced a new format to this season’s 3-point contest, and it might be a change that a lot of fans will welcome.

The NBA announced the contestants would have two extra shots this year, and the exciting part is that each of them will be six feet behind the three-point line. Despite the fact this shot is further away from the three-point line, it will still be worth three points. On top of that, each contestant will get an extra 10 seconds to complete all the shots, which might affect their accuracy because they will have more time to concentrate properly.

The league management is observing what is happening in the game in which more and more players are taking deep threes while making them in higher percentages than ever before. The dynamic in the league has changed in recent years, with more and more teams relying on their shooting. It’s also not strange to see players launching multiple 30-footers on a nightly basis.

There is also interesting data on the number of shots taken from at least 30 feet this season in the NBA. So far into this season, there have been 270 shots from that distance or even further away. Damian Lillard is the absolute leader in the NBA in taking these shots with 85 in total. Trae Young is second with 67, which pretty much means two players in the league took over half of these long-distance shots this season. Davis Bertrans has the highest percentage in making long-range shots with an astonishing 70.6% accuracy. So far this season, he took 17 and made 12, which is the highest percentage among players who attempted at least five such shots.

It’s safe to say this year’s NBA three-point contest will be exciting to watch because it features a lot of great shooters who can make it from almost anywhere on the court. It will also serve as a good testing ground for the new changes NBA introduced, so we’ll see what the fans think about it.