The Most Underrated Veteran Trade Deadline Targets

The Most Underrated Veteran Trade Deadline Targets

As the NBA Trade Deadline approaches, rumors and speculations are beginning to rise around the league, with teams trying to boost their rosters and make some moves to improve. We have had many big names mentioned to be on the trade block, involving the likes of Bradley Beal, Kyle Lowry, Andre Drummond, Nikola Vucevic, Victor Oladipo, Blake Griffin, and more. 

These are some of the more far-fetched trade pieces as they have more value. Still, I will present to you some of the more realistic and underrated names on the trade block that could quickly be changing teams in the upcoming period, as a lot of contending teams could use low-price veterans. Here are some of my best-underrated veteran trade targets for this year’s trade deadline.

P.J. Tucker

P.J. Tucker is very likely to be moved, as he has not been used very much this season on the Rockets. One of the Rockets’ staples the last few years, known for his toughness and defense, combined with a developed jump shot, Tucker is a very useful player that could help deepen the roster of a few very good teams. The Miami Heat need a power forward as a move for him would seem logical. The Celtics and Raptors have also been mentioned, so it looks like Tucker is a wanted target, especially with that cheap 8$ million dollar contract.

J.J. Redick

The sharpshooter has been in trade talks throughout the season, as his role on the Pelicans has been slightly lower than expected. Everybody believed he would thrive under his former coach Stan Van Gundy, but Redick has been only playing 18 minutes per game and averaging some of the lowest numbers in his career. JJ is in a situation in New Orleans that has a young team building up for a bright future. But with 36 years on his back, Redick would probably be better suited in a contending team fighting in the playoffs. That way, the Pelicans could get some assets for a veteran that is unlikely to stay next year due to his contract, and he gets a shot for a championship. The Celtics and the Nuggets have been interested in Redick’s services, as they could use some shooting and scoring from the bench.

Wayne Ellington

The so-called “Man with the Golden Arm” has been one of the biggest journeymen in the NBA the last couple of seasons. The 33-year old Detroit Pistons shooting guard started the season shooting lights out from three. He has dipped a bit, but he is still averaging 43.5% from deep this season. Ellington can be looked at as a much cheaper version of JJ Redick with his outstanding shooting skills. Even though he may be a one-trick pony, many teams could use more shooters in their rotation, like the Lakers or the Mavericks, as both have been in conversations of his services. You don’t have to give up to much for Ellington, and the worst team in the East, the Pistons, would probably take anything in exchange—a pretty realistic possibility for a trade.

George Hill

The veteran point guard hasn’t played too much for the rebuilding Thunder this season, but when Hill has been on the court, he delivered and showed he can still contribute. G-Hill has been mentoring Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and been very valuable for the Thunder, but if Presti can get some picks or young promising players for Hill, there is no doubt he will pull the trigger. On the other side, Hill has been a back-up guard for many good teams in recent years, as a lot of candidates could use more shot creators and play initiators on their team.

Honorable mentions: Rudy Gay, Nemanja Bjelica, JaVale McGee, Patrick Beverly