The Most Unbreakable NBA Record Of All-Time

The Most Unbreakable NBA Record Of All-Time

Records are meant to be broken. Especially in the NBA, where how times go on, the game is getting faster, the players are getting better, and teams are stronger than ever. But this specific record is probably going to stay unbroken forever.

Wilt Chamberlain is the face of NBA records, as he is arguably the most dominant player of all time. The first record that comes in mind when we are talking about the “Big Dipper” is his 100 point game or his 50.4 point average for the season. But there is one record even crazier than those, one that no one also came close.

Wilt is still holding the record for the most consecutive games averaging 40+ points per game. He is the absolute leader with 515 straight games. For comparison, the closest to him is Elgin Baylor, with 33 games. They are followed by Kobe Bryant (23 games), Rick Barry (22 games), and last season James Harden had a run with 20 consecutive games averaging 40 points per game.

There probably won’t be another player that will even have a chance to get close to 515 games. Even though players are getting better offensively, the defense is also getting faster and stronger, so that kind of streak won’t be possible.

Wilt Chamberlain gets criticized a lot and counted out of the GOAT discussion. A lot of people mockingly say he played against people half his size, plumbers, etc. But any real basketball enthusiast knows, no matter whom you played against, those numbers are insane and still hard to achieve. So for now, while Wilt’s records stay unbroken, you have to put respect on his name.