The most expensive rosters in the NBA

The most expensive rosters in the NBA

Of course, Stephen Curry was mad; who wouldn’t be. Two blowout losses against the Nets and the Bucks suggest another depressing season for the Warriors and their fans. It’s pretty clear that Steph doesn’t like a taste of his own medicine. Not so long ago, Golden State sowed terror across the league in a similar fashion. Today’s a different story.

If those significant losses aren’t enough, the Warriors ownership will likely have to take some headache pills after casting an eye on their team’s payroll this season – the Golden State Warriors will pay a league-high $173,683,225 in salaries. That’s a considerable sum even for a contender, and the Warriors will likely be a lottery team this season.

Curry is the biggest earner in Steve Kerr‘s roster, and he will get $43,006,362 for this season. Behind him is Klay Thompson, who will be out with a torn Achilles and a $35,361,360 salary. Next up is Andre Wiggins with $29,542,010, Draymond Green will get $22,246,956, and Kelly Oubre will make $14,375,000 this season. So yeah, that is expensive.

To put that into perspective, even with the addition of James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets are second on the highest payrolls this season, with $163,062,388 annual salaries. The difference between them and the Warriors (other than 26 points difference at the start of the season) is that they have Harden ($41,254,920),  KD ($39,058,950), Kyrie ($33,460,350), and a legitimate chance to win a chip.

When we’re already talking about the biggest aspirations, we have to mention the Lakers – ranked sixth on the league’s highest payrolls. Their crown jewels are well known – LeBron will earn $33,460,350 this season, and Davis‘ bank account will see a $32,742,000 boost.

The 76ers aren’t sure they’ll be getting their money’s worth this season as well; they’ll be paying $145,172,700 in wages. Their pockets are suffering because of Tobias Harris’ contract (he’s getting $147,258,000 in the next four years). Even though he gets paid a lot, Harris isn’t exactly putting up numbers that correspond to his contract’. He averaged 19.6 points on 47,1% shooting and 36.7% for three last season.

Big spenders aside, let’s see who is on the other side of the scale. The biggest savers are living in New York. The Knicks will pay only $89,766,931 this season. Julius Randle is the most expensive guy on their roster, and he will earn $18,900,000 in 2020/2021. We can’t wait to see what the Knicks will do with all that money in the end. The Knicks are followed by the OKC, whose salary budget is $94,067,807. It would be much less if Al Horford isn’t getting $27,500,000 this season.

That, on the other hand, means nothing to the Warriors fans. In the years to come, their franchise will surely be better, especially after Thompson comes back. Nonetheless, they haven’t got much maneuvering space until 2022/23, when some of their contracts expire. As far as this season is concerned, it’s going to be a long one for their supporters.