The Losers of the NBA Trade Deadline

The Losers of the NBA Trade Deadline

The NBA Trade Deadline Day concluded yesterday, as the whole NBA world was in a frenzy for the day, with numerous teams trying to improve their squad and make deals. These are the teams that didn’t have their best day yesterday, as they got the short end of the stick:

Orlando Magic

They got: Wendell Carter, Otto Porter, Gary Harris, RJ Hampton, Jeff Teague, a first-round pick, and four second-round picks.

They sent out: Nikola Vučević, Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, Al-Farouq Aminu and Gary Clark.

The Orlando Magic decided to clean the house and go full-rebuild mode by trading away their top 3 players. They got a lot of assets back, but there is a feeling it’s not nearly enough. Players like Carter, Harris, and Hampton are promising young players, but none of them are expected to become All-Star players To add, they also have Otto Porter and his overpaid contract on their books now. Since the Magic are looking to the future, they should have gone for more first-round picks, as at the end of the day, they only got one. It seems they were just in a hurry to get their best players off the team and receive whatever they are offered. This season is now all about the ping pong balls – Magic fans will pray for one of the top picks in this year’s draft. 

Houston Rockets

They got: Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, 2022 First Round NBA Draft Swap Rights.

They sent out: Victor Oladipo.

In the end, Houston got Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynyk from the James Harden trade; the most valuable piece they got in that trade, Victor Oladipo, is already out of Houston. Talk about dropping the ball. Oladipo’s tenure as a Rocket will be remembered for the 20-game losing streak, as you can’t help but feel sorry for Houston. It’s hard to imagine they couldn’t get more for a proven All-Star player in Oladipo. Even though he is injury prone, they could have at least brought some first-round picks or young players. Pat Riley robbed them in the last minutes of the deadline, mostly because they set themselves up to get robbed.

Boston Celtics

They got: Evan Fournier, Mo Wagner.

They sent out: Jeff Teague, Daniel Theis, and two second-round picks.

On paper, the Fournier move is a good trade, a trade that the Celtics won. But this is not the move they needed to make to turn around their season. Fournier will give a scoring punch to their bench, but what the Celtics really need is an inside presence, and that is where they got thinner by trading away a proven player in Daniel Theis for Mo Wagner. Theis was on an expiring deal, but they could have kept him for this season because of their situation in which they lack centers on their squad. Using a large chunk of the biggest trade exception in NBA history ($28,5 million) on Evan Fournier seems like a real miss from Danny Ainge. The Celtics have been underachieving, and the trade deadline didn’t improve them that much.

Toronto Raptors

They got: Gary Trent Jr., Rodney Hood, and two second-round picks.

They sent out: Norman Powell, Terrence Davis, and Matt Thomas.

Toronto didn’t mess up with the move they made. It is the trade that didn’t happen, and everybody expected it—the Kyle Lowry trade. In the end, Masai Ujiri decided to play hardball, staying firm and not trading Lowry for something he didn’t feel was comparable to his worth. Apparently, the biggest talk was with the Lakers and the Heat. Toronto wanted Herro, but Pat Riley wouldn’t budge. The Lakers were rumored to offer Dennis Schroeder and KCP, but Ujiri also wanted the young Talen Horton-Tucker to close the deal. It was too much for the Lakers, but the original packet could have done just fine in my eyes. Now it is most likely that Lowry will play out his contract this year and leave in free agency, leaving Toronto with zero to show for it. With their season going really bad, they should have moved on and taken a step in a new direction.