The incident that nearly derailed 17-year old Allen Iverson from having an NBA career.

The incident that nearly derailed 17-year old Allen Iverson from having an NBA career.

Most of you have heard the legendary story of the kid called BubbaChuck from Newport News, Virginia, the kid who would become known worldwide as The Answer, Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson was a high school phenom. He was incredibly gifted in sports in all possible ways and excelled at Bethel High School in both basketball and football programs.

Iverson had arguably as significant a two-sport impact as any high-school athlete. He led the Bethel High School Bruins to their first title in 15 years and an unbeaten regular season — the 6-foot-1, 165-pound quarterback-safety produced 1,583 yards total offense and intercepted 13 passes.

In 1992, The Associated Press named him Virginia’s Player of the Year in football and basketball. Iverson led Bethel to the 1992 Division 5 football state championship as a junior.

The incident

Just a few months after the championship, however, the 17-year-old was sentenced to 15 years (10 suspended) in prison for a bowling alley brawl. Iverson served four months before he was pardoned by then-Gov. Douglas Wilder.

Being the best players in the state, he was heavily recruited by some of the best college football programs in the country; he almost played football at NotreDame. If Iverson had gone to Notre Dame, he would have played at least part of his career under legendary coach Lou Holtz.

He ultimately picked basketball and played for another legendary coach — Georgetown’s John Thompson — before going on to a decorated NBA career.

There a lot of footage showing Iverson dominating college floors at Georgetown and as the leader of the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA. What is rare, however, is to see athletes like Iverson dominating his opponents in the early stages of development, in high school.

So it is safe to say you are in for a treat. The video above is a rare compilation of Allen Iverson at Bethel High School. Iverson showcases his supreme all-around game and big heart by pretty much playing all five positions at one time or another.