The legend of Eddie Bird, Larry’s younger brother who broke one of his older brothers scoring records

The legend of Eddie Bird, Larry’s younger brother who broke one of his older brothers scoring records

Larry Bird is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, with the combination of talent and competitiveness rarely seen in a basketball player. Like many other great athletes in various sports, Bird had a younger brother who was also talented in basketball and made quite a remarkable high-school career in his own right. Back in 1987, Larry was already a superstar in the NBA, and the news reporters did a story on Eddie Bird, who was coming out of high-school.

Eddie Bird broke his older brother’s high-school scoring record of 1,125 points by scoring a total of 1,172 points. It’s important to stress out Larry didn’t play his entire sophomore year but breaking Larry’s record was a remarkable feat for Eddie at that time, who went out to play for Indiana State University, the same college his brother attended. Larry said being a great high-school player doesn’t mean you will have a great college career because the competition is much different than in high-school

High-school ball is like the lowest grade. If you were a good player, then it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be a great player in college. With his work ethic, he’s got a lot to learn, and he is going to find the hard way.

Larry Bird

Even though he was a tremendous shooter and a decent basketball player, Eddie Bird had no delusions that he was on the same level as his older brother. When he was transferring to a college, he had no real ambition of becoming a pro basketball player and had his eyes on baseball as a sport that might be a better fit for him.

People might think I’m going to be as good as him or something, and I hope they won’t do that. If they look at it that way, I just hope they don’t look at it as they see myself and not Larry. Right now, I don’t think I will be a pro basketball player. I think next year I might try out for the baseball team here at Indiana state, and I would rather go in that career than basketball.

Eddie Bird

Eddie would have a productive college career at ISU, where he led the Sycamores in scoring all four seasons, averaging 14 points per game. Eddie established himself as a threat from the long-range shooting 44.5 percent from the three-point land in his junior year during his college days.

Eddie’s four productive seasons in college landed him an opportunity to play for the Sacramento Kings in the summer league in 1991. He had five appearances for the Kings and scored a total of 22 points in 62 minutes (4.4 points per game). Despite his poor performances at the summer league, numerous people wanted to get Eddie’s autograph.

Even though his professional basketball career was short, he still remains active on Indiana’s State’s record board. As of 2021, Eddie is eighth all-time in scoring (Larry is No. 1), fifth in 3-pointers made, and first in free throw percentage. As a final aside, Eddie was initially supposed to join Indiana State by Taju Olajuwon, the younger brother of Hakeem Olajuwon.